Veterans Day Afternoon Shoreline Fish - Lake Sakakawea

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Nov 11, 2023 at 9:32 PM
Thankful for our Veterans and their duty to serve and give us all the freedom to live in America today.

I took a break from editing to fish from the shoreline this afternoon. A few minutes turned into some more editing, but the easy kind. Enjoy some easy listening music along with some glorious Lake Sakakawea shoreline. It was the kind of day that made my wife declare that she wants wading boots and a fishing pole. It’s just another excuse to shop, probably, but at least she said she’d like to fish after seeing my video! Ha, ha, ha!

TKI-CNC rod holders and pole mount kits:

Bloemendaal Guide Service

Six Pack Custom Tackle

Ripping Lips Adventures merch:

Fellow creators… sign up for Artlist music using this link to help my channel out just like Tom Boley did!
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