RR Red River 5-16-24


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Apr 20, 2015
Grand Forks
Catfishing remains fast and furious this week. Water levels are still near perfect, water temps are in the low-60s and the bigger catfish are moving in and bulking up and get ready for the spawn which should still be weeks away. The fish are clean and healthy. The forecast looks very favorable going forward.

I am putting the same pattern again this week. Look for catfish in the faster water right on the break line or smaller holes near that line. One thing to consider if they are not there earlier in the day go out of the current (not to far away) until the sun gets higher and puts some heat on things and they will move into the faster current. Give spots an honest 20-25 minutes before moving. You will know whether to move or not when the time comes.

Bait really doesn’t matter again this week. I have had great success on sucker and others have told me goldeye is working great too.

Take advantage of this bite. The stars don’t align like this every year.

NOTE: The guy in one of the photos was here the other day. He is 83 years old and has been reading and hearing about the Red River for over 50 years. He finally made it here from Iowa to see if it is true. According to him IT IS!



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