Aggressive Tactics for Big Sakakawea Walleye!

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Sep 25, 2023 at 7:19 AM
Posted by Nodak Angler
Just a little fun walleye fishing in the Van Hook arm of Lake Sakakawea. This day I threw a variety of jerkbaits, glide baits, night crawler presentations , and more throughout the day. The fish shown in the video were some of the highlight fish during the day. This was filmed in late August and I was able to find plenty of active fish all over from 5’ of water to 55’ of water. I predominantly focused shallower.

The bait I caught most of my fish on was a Nishine Lure Works Erie 115md. If you’d like to buy one yourself go pick one up at or at Omnia Fishing or Tackle Warehouse etc.

For more info on guide fishing trips and livescope/electronics training loom me up at
I fish and guide for multiple species on both Lake Sakakawea and Fort Peck.

Thanks for watching!

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