Bowhunting: Bow First Aid in the Field


Jul 2, 2014
Surrey, ND
[h=1]Here are some quick in-field fixes to save your hunt.[/h]Article by Todd Kuhn


Photo by the author
Nowadays most, but not all, in-field meltdowns are string-related. With a little preparation, you should be capable of handling most potentially hunt-busting emergencies.
1. Oh, Snap
Sadly, strings break—often without warning. Order a spare one from your local dealer, have the shop serve in a peep, and stow it in your pack alongside a Bowmaster Portable Bow Press ($50; for on-the-spot repairs.
2. Serve It Up
String servings receive plenty of unintended abuse. While not catastrophic, loose servings negatively affect your accuracy by varying the arrow’s nocking point. Minuscule changes here are multiplied exponentially downrange, leading to heartbreaking misses.If you notice a loose serving, wrap a small length of braided fishing line or dental floss in the gap. Filling in the void tightens the serving and can save a hunt.
3. Feel Loopy
String loops are the best thing to hit the archery market in decades. They minimize string wear but also wear out quickly themselves. Anyone who has broken one in the field knows that sinking feeling when you realize your hunt is over.To save fraying loops, hit them quickly with a butane lighter to discourage further fraying. This is just a stopgap measure until a fresh loop can be lashed on.
4. Proper Pins
Fiber-optic material is bright, but it’s also very brittle. Once your bow is sighted-in for the season, mark each pin position. Should a pin unexpectedly break, re-arrange the remaining pins to fill in for the damaged one using these reference marks.


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