Odd Packer Brisket


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Apr 22, 2015
Glenburn, ND
[FONT=&quot]This small 7 pound packer brisket was strange as it had very little point to it. We got this brisket in a case of packer briskets which the other briskets had normal sized points and were of a normal 12 to 14 pound size.


Seasoned it up the brisket with a combination of turbinado sugar/Tatonka Dust seasoning and put it in the WSM smoking with cherry over some doctored up beans.



WSM ran a steady 235º, foiled the brisket when it reached an internal temp of 160º and then brought the brisket temp up to 200º, then wrapped in towels and to the cooler for a few hour rest before slicing. Point was so small just sliced it up with the flat, all was good eating!


Thanks for looking![/FONT]

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