RR Red River 9-18-23


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Apr 20, 2015
Grand Forks
We are on a solid cooling water bite now. Catfish are holding on the inside corners near deeper drop offs. The best areas also have a shallow shelf along side of them. Set up on these areas and put a couple lines on the shelf and a couple in the deeper part of the OFF current seam. Give the fish an honest 20-minute timer then they should start biting after that. Some mornings they are sitting on the shelf and others just off that drop off. It won’t be hard to tell which they prefer once you catch a couple fish. Repeat the pattern from there.

As the day warms up the fish can move to the hole and even more into the middle of the river. This is just a simple lateral move within the hole to stay on active fish. If they indeed move to the middle (usually mid-afternoon) you can shorten the sit times as necessary. Frogs have been a solid morning bait and cut sucker is good but better after mid-morning.

Some sections of the river remain low and dangerous so be careful in boats if you are in these sections of river.



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