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Jul 25, 2016
Typical rates for offshore fishing if you have the boat to your self have always ran me anywhere from $1,500 to $3,500 a day depending on the boat, gear, type of fishing, and how far off shore we run with the short close trips on inboard slower boats usually being the cheapest. And that's no food or drink, and typically 6-8 hours of actual fishing. Not a full day steam out, dawn to dusk fishing, and overnight stays.

When you put the operating costs into perspective you'll find these charters aren't making that much money, many do it because it's something they like doing. It's certainly not a get rich quick scheme. I've been on two different trips where we've ran off shore 60-80+ miles on 40 ft sea hunter tournament series boats powered with triple outboards. On average you'll get around 1mpg and you'll burn 250-300 gallons of on water prelimum fuel at $5-$6 /gallon (so $1500 in fuel). Typically we have 200-300 lbs of ice, the boat itself for a new one is going to be north of $600K minimum, a 4-5 year old used one is still gonna be around $300k-$400k. Add in reels, line, lures, bait, plus what they pays a deck hand and we haven't even started talking maintence. There's not much left over for the captain when you add up the expenses even at $3,500 a day. this is a max 6 person trip and 4 is about best.

A 46' boat likely accomidates 4-8 fisherman pretty comfortably. at around 1k/day per person for that kind of trip, that isn't bad.

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