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  1. Lake of The Woods

    The bite is still very good on the big lake once you find an active school. I was fishing 32-34 feet over the mud a few miles west of Knight Island. Spinners and 2oz bouncers or snap weights were the ticket again. Once we found a good school my boat hooked up with my first Quadruple(four fish hooked up all at the same time)!! We threw a handful in the box and tossed back a few slots when my buddy got the big bite. He proceeded to crank in a 30.25" hog that went over 10lbs on my tube scale! His first wall hanger. We took off back to Adrian's resort to get it wrapped and in a freezer ...
  2. Lake of the Woods

    Spent the last two weekends up at LOW and the fishing has been excellent! Lots of numbers and lots of big fish. As long as the wind doesn't blow you off the N/NE area of Big Traverse you are in for a treat. Been hitting 32-38 feet with anything you can get down with effectively. Lead core, riggers, big bouncers, snap weights, etc. I have just been driving around until I start marking a bunch of larger marks. Bigger fish have been going for cranks, but you can still get some on spinners. I was just running spinners and snap weights with plenty of success. The MN AIM championship was up ...
  3. LOW/Rainy River

    Hit the Rainy and the lake near and around the Lighthouse Gap on Saturday. Walleye fishing was steady, but not fast. Boated 4 slot fish up to 25 inches along with a handful of keepers and quite a few 13" and under. Out in the lake in 15-20 feet produced mostly small fish. The Gap area had a mix of better quality fish and the river had the best quality, but less quantity. We jigged with fatheads and shiners. One boat we fished near were hunting the dinos(sturgeon) and did VERY well. I watched them boat 20-30 of them from small to 55 inches. I almost said the heck with the eyes and ...
  4. Devils Lake Crankin' 06/23/2016

    I woke up before the rooster and headed to Devils to try my luck before the weather goes to crap this weekend. Hit the water @ 6:45 and headed for some emerging weed growth in the 6.5-8 foot range and started trolling #5 flicker shads. Water was a bit stained from recent runoff and wind. I started picking up nice fish right away and caught nothing but walleyes until about 10:30-11. After 11 the eyeballs shut way down and the pike started to kick in. From 11-12 I caught 7 pike 2 eyes and one white bass which prompted me to head back home. If you weren't fowling your crank here and there on ...
    Devils Lake
  5. Devils Lake

    These last few days of cool down might have muted the bite, but it was on right before this. The name of the game was finding shallow back water that was the warmest in the area. Dark bottom with stained water was the key. Find your favorite pitching lure and hang on. Shallow cranks and jigs/plastics produced eyes from 17-26 inches.
    Devils Lake
  6. Lake of the Woods ice fishing

    I just got back from our annual trip to LOW to reunite with old friends. Lots of snowpack and about 15+ inches of ice looked like a winter wonderland compared to even the mostly brown tundra of NE North Dakota. The fishing was far from stellar as we mostly caught a smattering of smaller saugers and tullibe with only a 2-3 odd walleyes in the mix. Good thing for good company and cold ones. We were out in about 28-30 feet out from pine island being taken care of by the nice folks at the Sportsman's Lodge. Normally we get out to the reefs, but thanks to some concern over the ice conditions we ...
  7. The weekend of the 4th was great to be an American on Devils Lake!

    Well the summer patterns are really starting to kick in on the Devil. Fish are setting up shop on sunken roads and deeper structure. The BB and spinner guys are happy and the jig guys are also getting happier. There are still some nice fish shallow in the weeds, but it is harder to pry them out of there with the weed growth starting to choke out certain areas. The vast majority of fish are running in the 13-18 inch range, but we did pick up a handful in the 23-25 inch range as well. We also did some shore fishing and the eyes were very cooperative too. leeches or crawlers were the live bait ...

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    Devils Lake

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