Dealer Hiden Charges


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Founding Member
May 2, 2015
So I had a prokicker installed on my boat and was extremely happy with the work the dealer did. The week before I get a price and haggle it and get a little better. I agree, put down a deposit and when the motor arrives they install. I go into pay and there is a $99 service fee which was unaware of too me. I question this and the reply is everyone pays this as we have to send in warrantee paperwork. My salesman comes in the office and says he though I knew this and leaves. After much argument I write the check and leave upset. Now I get it I buy a boat every few years and random stuff like this kicker and oil and such yearly. I call the owner of the dealership and he is hardly ever there. My last dollar spent there as they must have too many customers willing to pay for there new showroom and such. Where are the old school dealers with morals and actually fish and enjoy the outdoors. It's like buying a truck from a guy in a tie.

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