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Apr 3, 2016
Reminds me of the time 20+ years ago when I took my grandson Mikey fishing on one of those million lakes in Minn named Round. We had caught all the tea cup size sunfish that I wanted to clean and decided to hang it up. I put on a couple of Lazy Ike's and headed back to the dock along the shore line in no hurry. Sure enough Mike catches a 2 # hammer handle. We get it in the boat and I take it off his line a let Mike get a good look and toss it back. Next thing I notice is Mike setting there with tears rolling down his cheeks and I ask what is wrong and he chokes out That was the biggest fish I ever caught and you threw it back. Now Grandpas an asshole. I felt bad enough to troll around for another 2 hours until he caught another one that was bigger than his first one. We get back home and I take a picture of Mike and his fish and he is so proud and I went from asshole to Hero. 10 year later he is killed in a car accident but that picture still hangs over my desk and I remember that day my Grandson was so proud and Grandpa was his Hero. LB

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